Band Resisted Rows


Band Resisted Rows help build upper body strength and power. The exercise should be performed for 2 sets of 10 repetitions with a medium or heavy tension band. It is applicable to the Blast Rotation Score as well as Time to Contact and Power metrics.
Weaknesses in upper body strength and ultimately power can force a player to turn the body all at the same time, instead of segmenting and creating a more “efficient” swing. Band Resisted Rows help build not only the upper body power needed to create explosive rotation, but the strength to hold that rotation and use it in a smaller window when needed as well. This is a key attribute for any athlete in order to be able to wait on a pitch and make better decisions behind the plate.
**** Note: If you’re looking to address any physical limitations related to this drill, we highly recommend that you get a thorough assessment by a qualified strength coach or PT.

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