Band Resisted Split Squat


The Band Resisted Split Squat is a great exercise to help build both lower body strength and power as well as overall athleticism. The exercise should be performed in 2 sets of 8 repetitions with a medium or heavy tension band, based on individual strength and training age. It is applicable to just about all Blast scores and metrics.
The fact that this exercise is performed in a split stance helps create a strong, stable platform for the athlete to rotate on in a sports-specific manner and is especially useful in the late off-season but can be used at all times of the year. We have found that the ability to rotate on a stable platform to be the biggest game changer in regard to improving performance in rotational sports such as hitting a baseball.
**** Note: If you’re looking to address any physical limitations related to this drill, we highly recommend that you get a thorough assessment by a qualified strength coach or PT.

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