Trap Bar Deadlift (60-70% 1RM)


The Trap Bar Deadlift is an excellent exercise for limited lower body strength and stability. The exercise should be performed for 6-8 sets of 3 repetitions with a trap bar in a weight room. It is applicable to just about all Blast scores and metrics.
The Trap Bar Deadlift (60-70% 1RM) is a full-body strength exercise. By using loads that are on the lighter side of strength (60-70% of an athlete’s 1RM), we are not only working in a zone for strength but are training the speed side of the power equation as well. Performing more sets with lower reps in this case are utilized to minimize fatigue and allow the athlete to remain explosive throughout all sets.
**** Note: If you’re looking to address any physical limitations related to this drill, we highly recommend that you get a thorough assessment by a qualified strength coach or PT.

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