How do I improve Vertical Bat Angle?

How do I improve Vertical Bat Angle?

All players should understand what their typical Vertical Bat Angle is for a middle-middle (mid-height and middle of plate) pitch. The best way to accomplish this is with tee work with the tee setup in the middle of the plate at an approximate height near the hitter's belt line. In this use case, the hitter should focus on achieving consistent Vertical Bat Angles in the -20 to -30 degree range.

Once the hitter is able to achieve consistency with this constrained task, they should then focus on adjustability in the swing by hitting different tee locations, such as high and outside and low and inside. Monitoring of the Vertical Bat Angle for these tasks will demonstrate how well they adjust Vertical Bat Angle to these different pitch locations.

Using the Vertical Bat Angle metric in batting cage practice and live pitch practice is a further extension of training which demonstrates the hitter's ability to adjust Vertical Bat Angle appropriately on a pitch to pitch basis.

Repetitions with these drills that leverage increasing variation in pitch location will result in a much more dynamic swing which allows the hitter to adjust appropriately to different pitch types and square up on the ball much more consistently.